Research Grade Antibody Biosimilars

Research Grade Antibody Biosimilars

Syd Labs provides the following research grade antibody biosimilar proteins with competitive prices starting from $3/mg:

Bevacizumab Biosimilar, research grade (VEGF-A)
Ranibizumab Biosimilar, research grade (VEGF-A, Fab produced in E. coli)
Cetuximab Biosimilar, research grade (HER1, ErbB-1, EGFR)
Panitumumab Biosimilar, research grade (HER1, ErbB-1, EGFR)
Trastuzumab Biosimilar, research grade (HER2, ErbB-2, c-neu)
Pertuzumab Biosimilar, research grade (HER2, ErbB-2, c-neu)
Infliximab biosimilar, research grade (TNF alpha)
Adalimumab biosimilar, research grade (TNF alpha)
Rituximab biosimilar, research grade (CD20)
Denosumab biosimilar, research grade (RANKL, RANK ligand, OPGL, TNFSF11, CD254, TRANCE, ODF)
Palivizumab Biosimilar, research grade (RSV)
Omalizumab biosimilar, research grade (IgE)
Eculizumab biosimilar, research grade (C5)

Syd Labs also introduces mutations to the antibody biosimilars including engineering or switching the isotypes or Fc engineering, such as Fc silent.

Syd Labs also produces the in vivo grade isotype control antibodies. Some customers purchase them for in vitro assays such as flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry (IHC) because the prices are too good if compared to those research reagents of antibody isotype controls.


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