What is D-luciferin used for?

What is D-luciferin used for?

Questions: What is D-luciferin used for? I have used D-luciferin potassium salt in cell-based assays. Can I use it for in vivo animal research? Thanks.

Answers: Yes, D-luciferin potassium salt can be used for both in vitro cell-based assays and in vivo imaging in animal model studies. The protein luciferase can be transiently or stably expressed in cells and animals, mostly mice. And luminometers and optical microscopes have been developed to detect light emitted from the two-step luciferase-catalyzed chemical reaction. Thus, with the luciferin luciferase ATP reagent, equipment, and genetic engineering, firefly luciferase and luciferin have been widely used in in vitro and in vivo reporter assays detecting gene expression and detecting the level of cellular ATP in cell viability assays or for kinase activity assays.

The in vitro luciferin luciferase ATP assay kits are commercially available. The applications of firefly luciferase and D-luciferin including in vivo imaging are still expanding.


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