AMG-176 (AMG176)

AMG-176 (AMG176)


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Background Information:

AMG 176 is an orally bioavailable, highly potent and selective Mcl-1 inhibitor, binding reversibly to BH3- groove of the protein with a Ki value in picomolar range. Demonstrate in vitro and in vivo antitumor efficacy in Mcl-1 dependent cancer models. It is currently in clinical evaluation for the treatment of hematologic malignancies.

APIM050281: AMG-176 (AMG176)

CAS No.: 1883727-34-1.
Molecular Formula: C33H41ClN2O5S.
Molecular Weight: 613.2.
Purity: >99.5% chemically and stereomerically pure (by achiral and chiral HPLCs).
QC: Achiral and Chiral HPLCs, MS, 1H-NMR.
Solubility: Refer to Certificate of Analysis.
Storage: Refer to Certificate of Analysis.

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