JQ1, (+)

JQ1, (+)


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Background Information:

(+)-JQ1 (Prod
No. CT-JQ1) is a high affinity BET bromodomain (BRD) ligand binding
selectively and competitively to the acetyl-lysine recognition pocket of
BET bromodomain of Brd4 (Bromodomain-containing 4), displacing BET
proteins from chromatin. Enantiomerically pure (optically pure) (+)-JQ1
binds to BRD4 bromodomains 1 and 2 with Kd values of ~50 and 90 nM,
respectively, whereas the (−)-JQ1 enantiomer (wrong isomer) (mirror
image of (+)-JQ1) has no appreciable affinity to BET bromodomains. JQ1
has been used as a chemical probe to investigate the role of BET
bromodomains in the transcriptional regulation of oncogenesis.


1. In contrast to yellow color from other vendors.

APIM050336: JQ1, (+)

CAS No.: 1268524-70-4.
Molecular Formula: C23H25ClN4O2S ? 0.2H2O.
Molecular Weight: 460.6.
Purity: >99.5% Chem and Optical Purity by HPLC and Chiral HPLC.
QC: HPLC-MS, NMR, Chiral HPLC and Quantitative Elemental Analysis.
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO.
Storage: See COA.

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