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Syd Labs PCR Master Mixes MB067-EQ2G, cheapest PCR master mix (PCR mastermix, PCR premix, PCR supermix, Taq master mix) for genotyping and colony screening. Multiple dye colors and Taq DNA polymerase activities. Low price of bulk PCR master mix. Order now!

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Catalog No. MB067-EQ2G
Product NamePCR Master Mixes
Supplier Name Syd Labs, Inc.
Brand Name Syd Labs
Summary The cheap 2x PCR PreMixes (old catalog numbers: MB000067-EQ2-1000 and MB067-EQ2-1000) with non-interfering dye (green or blue) are ready-to-use 2x concentrated solution for genotyping
Note The cheapest PCR Master Mixes for genotyping in the market with the cheapest Taq DNA polymerase ($1400 for 50000 units). Unbeatable price of bulk PCR Master Mixes. Buy our low cost PCR master mixes now!
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MB067-EQ2G: PCR Master Mixes


The cheap 2x PCR PreMixes (old catalog numbers: MB000067-EQ2-1000 and MB067-EQ2-1000) with non-interfering dye (green or blue) are ready-to-use 2x concentrated solution for genotyping. Except DNA template and primers, the PCR master mix contains all other components for PCR, including Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffer, PCR stabilizer and enhancer at optimal concentrations for consistent and efficient PCR amplification. For a 20 ul PCR reaction, simply add 10 ul of 2x PCR PreMix to specific primers, DNA template, and water. No additional loading buffer is required for electrophoresis when the PCR reaction is completed.

Optimal template and primer concentrations, and PCR program parameters should be determined experimentally by the investigator.

Features of the PCR master mix for genotyping:
* The PCR master mix simplifies the assembly of PCR reaction and offers advantages of time savings, convenience, consistency, and minimal risk of contamination and pipetting errors.
* The tracking dye and precipitant have been added into the PreMix so that the PCR product can be directly loaded for electrophoresis.
* Features of the Taq DNA polymerase (catalog No. MB042-EUT) contained in the PCR master mix.
* Low cost: $440 for 50 ml 2x PCR PreMix with dye. The cheapest PCR master mix for genotyping in the market.

Applications of the PCR master mix:
* Routine PCR using genomic, viral and plasmid templates.
* DNA cloning and subcloning.
* Primer extension.
* DNA and colony screening.
* Genotyping.
* DNA mutagenesis.
* Generating hybridization probes for Southern or Northern hybridization.

The Taq DNA polymerase (catalog No. MB042-EUT, $1400 for 50000 units or 10 ml) contained in the 2X PCR PreMix, with dye is available alone.

Storage/Stability: Stable for 1 year at -20°C and 1 week at 4°C. For maximum recovery of the product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and before removing the cap. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

PCR enzymes:
* Taq DNA polymerase.
* High yield Taq DNA polymerase.
* Bst DNA polymerase large fragment.
* Hot-start high-fidelity DNA polymerase.
* Hot start Taq DNA polymerase with chemical or antibody inhibitor, used for SYBR green or Taqman probe-based real time PCR (qPCR or quantitative PCR).

2x PCR master mixes:
* 2x PCR preMix with dye (green, red, blue).
* 2x rapid PCR master mix with a green dye.
* 2x long PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* 2x high yield PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* 2x hot-start high-fidelity PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* Blood direct PCR kit
* Cell and tissue direct PCR kit
* RT supermix for qPCR.
* RT-PCR Kit.
* Dye-based one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* Probe-based one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* Probe-based multiplex one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* SYBR Green qPCR master mixes.
* Probe qPCR master mixes.

PCR components and related products:
* dNTP mix, 10 mM each and dNTP mix, 25 mM each.
* Proteinase K powder and Proteinase K solution.
* Reverse transcriptases and First strand cDNA synthesis kits.
* Murine RNase inhibitor.
* Uracil DNA glycosylases.
* PCR enhancer.

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1000 x 20 ul reactions, 5000 x 20 ul reactions

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