Modified Peptide Synthesis Services

Modified Peptide Synthesis Services

Standard Peptide Synthesis Services

The lowest prices of standard peptide synthesis services are guaranteed. If you find any US company providing the same quality services with lower prices, we will return the difference to you.

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Standard Peptide Synthesis Service (Catalog No.: BS012)

Syd Labs utilizes both the method of Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS) and the method of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) to synthesize small to large scale, simple to complex, linear or cyclized peptides with various length up to 200 amino acids, and different purity levels, such as crude, desalted, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95%, >98%, and even above 99%. We synthesize standard and custom peptide libraries. We also provide various peptide modification, including N-terminal, C-terminal, or internal modification, Fluorescent or dye labeling, and modification with special amino acid, such as phosphorylated.

Analytical HPLC chromatogram and MS data are provided to assure quality guarantee and custom satisfaction.

Custom peptide synthesis service with guaranteed high quality and fast delivery.

Starting from $1.80 per amino acid.
High success rate: >98%.
Various purity levels: crude, desalted, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95%, >98%, and even above 99%.
Various scales from milligrams to kilograms.
Various peptide length: up to 200 amino acids.
Free aliquoting up to 5 vials.
Fast turnaround time: 2-3 weeks.
Large scale (>1 gram), Long sequence (>50mer), unusual, and difficult peptides are available upon request.
Free consulting services for selecting antigen specificity for polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production.

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