Spin Column for Gel Extraction

20% discount of spin columns for gel extraction as the credit to purchase any other products or services on sydlabs.com from Jan. 2 to June 30, 2014. Limited to new customers.

Spin columns for DNA extraction from gels can also be used for  plasmid miniprep and PCR product cleanup. Ask us for buffer recipe if you buy spin columns only.

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MB092-PC: Spin Column for Gel Extraction

Application: extracting DNA from agarose gels.

The cheap spin column for gel extraction (MB092-PC) is the major component of the gel extraction kit (MB082-PL). The spin column can also be used for PCR product cleanup and plasmid miniprep.

* For our customers' convenience, Syd Labs sell spin columns alone which are compatible to reagents in gel extraction kits from most of other manufacturers, such as Qiagen and Sigma. The yield is similar.

* Low cost spin columns: $75 for 200 spin columns.

* Syd Labs provides the recipe of reagents for agarose gel extraction if you buy spin columns from us. Very simple to make those reagents. The shipping fee is much lower if you buy spin columns only rather than the whole DNA purification kits with heavy and bulky reagents.

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