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ScFv Phage Library Screening Service (Catalog No.: BS070)

scFv phage library screening is performed using several different formats for applications including de novo antibody discovery and affinity maturation of existing antibodies.

Experimental procedure of scFv phage library screening:

* Several rounds of phage enrichment by panning against individual antigens provided by clients. Each antigen will be biotinylated for capture panning or solution panning upon the client’s request.
* Screening eluted phage clones by ELISA after the final round of panning.
* Sequencing positive phage clones.
* Reformating scFv from ELISA positive phage clones to full-length IgG and construction, expression, and purification of recombinant IgG antibodies.
* Antigen-antibody binding confirmation of the purified recombinant IgG antibodies by ELISA.
* Antigen-antibody affinity measurement of the purified recombinant IgG antibodies and ranking the affinity by Octet kinetic analysis.

(If you want to know more information about how to screen scFv phage libraries, please see scFv phage library screening protocols that we collect from public literature. Our own scFv phage library screening protocol is more optimized.)

You provide:

* scFv phage library (Syd Labs also provides scFv phage library construction service);
* Biotinylated or non-biotinylated antigen for panning and screening.

Deliverable of scFv phage library screening services:

A. ELISA data and sequence data of phage clones from each round of panning for each antigen;
B. Purified antibody and affinity ranking data of antibodies analyzed as full-length IgG;
C. Study report.

Applications of scFv phage library consruction and screening:

Antibody Optimization Service
De novo Antibody Sequencing Service

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