Modified Peptide Synthesis Services

Modified Peptide Synthesis Services

Peptide Library Synthesis Service

The lowest prices of standard and modified peptide library synthesis services are guaranteed. If you find any US company providing the same quality services with lower prices, we will return the difference to you.

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Peptide Library Synthesis Services (Catalog No.: BS053)

Peptide libraries, systematic combination of different peptides, have been proved to be powerful in biological and chemical research, such as structure-activity studies, functional proteomics, target validation, epitope mapping, protein-protein interaction, protein-DNA interaction, and enzyme substrate or inhibitor screening. Scientists use various peptide libraries to screen large numbers of peptides for those active ones.

Syd Labs synthesizes standard and custom peptide libraries, including overlapping, truncation, alanine scanning, positional scanning, and scrambled peptide libraries. Using 96-well peptide synthesizer, Syd Labs can synthesize 96 different peptides per run.

Analytical HPLC chromatogram and MS data are provided to assure quality guarantee and custom satisfaction.

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