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ScFv Phage Library Screening Services

Epitope Binning Services

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Epitope Binning Service (Catalog No.: BS088A)
Epitope Mapping Service (Catalog No.: BS088B)

Epitope binning, a competitive immunoassay, is used to investigate the sequential binding of two antibodies to an antigen. Using the biolayer interferometry (BLI) platform, antibodies are tested in pairs to determine the ability of an antibody to block another’s binding to the antigen. A blocking profile is created for each antibody against all other antibodies in the library. Antibodies with similar blocking profiles are grouped into a bin, indicating these antibodies bind to the same or overlapping epitopes.

Information obtained by epitope binning is helpful to broaden intellectual property protection.

Antibody epitope binning service

Antigen is immobilized onto a BLI sensor using an appropriate method. Antibody 1 is allowed to saturate its epitope on the antigen. Binding of Antibody 2 to antigen saturated with Antibody 1 is assessed.

Materials needed:
- 100 ug each of purified antibody;
- 100 ug of purified antigen.

Fast turnaround:
2-3 weeks.

Study report.

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