Gene Synthesis Service

Gene Synthesis Service

Site-directed Mutagenesis Services

Site-directed Mutagenesis Services

DNA Subcloning Services

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Grouped product items
Product Name Quantity
Standard DNA Subcloning Service (Catalog No.: BS002A)
DNA Subcloning Service - PCR (Catalog No.: BS002B)
Expression-ready Mammalian Genes - from Text to 1 mg Endotoxin-free DNA (Catalog No.: BS043B)
Molecular Construction of scFv-Fc + 0.03 Liter Transient Production (Variable Regions Synthesized) (Catalog No.: BS079B)
Molecular Construction of Recombinant IgG + 0.03 Liter Transient Production (Variable Regions Synthesized) (Catalog No.: BS046B)
DNA Construction for Expression of Fc Fusion Protein (N-term or C-term; multiple Fc backbone options) + 1 mg Endotoxin-free DNA production (Catalog No.: BS050A)

Subclone your gene of interest from gene synthesis, PCR, RT-PCR or vector into any vector of your choice.

$275 (BS002A) for subcloning of your insert as a gene within a plasmid or as a PCR product.
$350 (BS002B) for PCR amplification of your gene and subcloning it into your vector of choice. The price does not include fees for DNA sequencing and analysis.
The insert and vector sizes do not matter.

Required materials:

a. Templates (plasmid, cDNA, genomic DNA, phage or cosmid DNA, tissue, cells, RNA or cDNA from tissue or cells) containing the target DNA fragments;
b. Vectors into which the desired DNA fragments need to be inserted; or E. coli strains containing the vectors;
c. DNA sequences, maps, antibiotic resistance, and cloning sites of original and destination vectors.


a. 1-4 ug DNA vectors containing the desired DNA fragments; or
b. E. coli strains containing the DNA vectors with the desired DNA fragments.

Fast return: 4 days for ligation subcloning and additional 4 days if PCR is required.

Special DNA subcloning services:

DNA construction for standard mammalian cell expression;
DNA construction for expression of Fc fusion proteins;
DNA construction for expression of recombinant scFv-Fc;
DNA construction for expression of recombinant IgGs.

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